A Look at Capped Sleeve Gowns and How to Wear Them

14 Feb A Look at Capped Sleeve Gowns and How to Wear Them

Although not every girl can wear capped sleeve gowns, they are popular features found on many prom and homecoming outfits. They are slightly longer than spaghetti straps yet shorter than regular short sleeves. They are great fits for some body types but not for others.

About Capped Sleeves

This style of sleeve is found on chic, modern gowns. It’s a great style for girls with slender arms and a nice set of shoulders. Depending on the neckline, the sleeves may cover the top edge of the shoulders or fall off the shoulders a bit. On some gowns, they are made of the same material as the rest of the dress in order to create a uniform look. On others, they can be made of completely different materials. An example would be capped sleeves made of lace on a nylon dress.

If you want a dazzling gown, you can opt for capped sleeves adorned with beads or crystals. There are so many different designs available – just make sure that the capped sleeve look is flattering on you.

Here are some guidelines for choosing and wearing a capped sleeve gown:

  • Since they are short, they stop at the upper arm. Avoid making your upper arms appear larger than they are by selecting sleeves that end below or above the widest part of your arm. The part of the arm the sleeves stop at will be the center of focus, so don’t let them stop at the widest part.
  • Choose the right kind of neckline. Capped sleeves are found on a variety of necklines, yet not all of them will look flattering on you. If your body type will allow you to wear a low cut top, you can add a bit of modesty with capped sleeves. On the other hand, if you are going to wear a boat-neck dress, you can show a bit of skin with capped sleeves as opposed to long sleeves.
  • As for the silhouette, this sleeve style works well with everything from organza princess gowns to sleek satin sheaths. Whether you wear a shorter gown or a long one, a flared skirt or pencil shaped skirt, capped sleeves look great with all of these styles.
  • If your measurements aren’t accurate, your capped sleeves could end up being tight, and even cutting into your skin. You must keep this in mind when doing measurements. Consider giving a bit of extra room for the sleeves and neckline so that the dress fits firmly, yet comfortably.
  • The type of necklace you wear with your gown depends on the simplicity of the sleeves and neckline. For instance, if your capped sleeves have sequins or beads, your necklace shouldn’t be too sparkly. It should be a dainty pendant that gives off a subtle sparkle. The simpler the sleeves and neckline are, the more sparkly your necklace can be. There needs to be a good balance. Also, a Y-shaped necklace is ideal if you are wearing a sweetheart neckline.
  • When choosing colours, decide if you want the sleeves to be the same colour as the rest of the dress. Whether it’s one colour or two, the entire dress should complement your skin tone.

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