Fitted Prom Dresses

19 Oct Fitted Prom Dresses

The fit of a prom dress is just as important as the style, color, or length. Some dress designs are intended to be worn loosely, but fitted prom dresses are designed to hug the curves and contours of the body.

A dress can completely cover the body from the shoulders to the ankles and have long sleeves, but still be one of the sexiest dresses on the floor because of its fitted design. The natural curves and lines of the body are emphasized in all of the right ways, if the dress is tailored and constructed well.

Let’s consider some of the most popular types of fitted prom dresses.


A mermaid style prom dress is a long dress that is almost entirely tightly fitted. The dress fits snuggly to the body all the way down to a flared bottom. This shape mimics the tail of a mermaid. The top of a mermaid dress can vary significantly, with some being strapless and others having long, fitted sleeves. If the flare at the bottom of the dress begins higher, around the knees, this is known as a trumpet design style.


Not all fitted prom dresses are long. There are many shorter dresses, such as cocktail dresses, that are fitted. A short fitted dress can be elevated using luxury materials and intricate designs in order to be a great and fun choice for a formal occasion. For prom, many girls prefer cocktail dresses that have a fitted top, but a skirt that has more volume and layers. This makes the short dress have a more dramatic look.


An illusion style dress is one that relies heavily on nude-coloured fabrics, mesh, and lace, to create the illusion of bare skin. Gems and other embellishments are then incorporated into this fabric to create the illusion that the skin is sparkling and/or covered in an intricate lace pattern.

The dress must be fitted in order to make the illusion work. The end result, when executed well, is very visually striking. Some fitted prom dresses incorporate this technique only in small areas of the dress, such as along the neckline or around an open back.

Long, Fitted Prom Dresses

These are certainly not the only examples of fitted prom dress designs. There are numerous long, fitted prom dresses from the simple to the complex. For example, you could wear a fitted halter dress with a completely open back or an elegant fitted dress with an off-the-shoulder neckline. The options are practically endless.

Shop Early for Fitted Dresses

The key to wearing a great fitted prom dress is finding one that fits your unique body perfectly. It is important to leave yourself plenty of time to try on enough dresses to find the best style and then a little extra time to have the dress altered to for you, if necessary. Bring any accessories you plan to wear with the dress when you try it on to ensure that everything fits together flawlessly.