How Dresses for Homecoming Differ from Prom Dresses

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19 Oct How Dresses for Homecoming Differ from Prom Dresses

Two of the most well known high school events, aside from graduation, are homecoming and prom. These are each formal or at least semi-formal dances, so what are the differences? What should you know when shopping for dress for homecoming and dresses for prom?

Overall Style

In order to understand the overall style for the dresses for each of these occasions, first consider the meaning behind the dances. A homecoming dance usually occurs early in the school year and is part of a week-long celebration of the school. It usually coincides with one or more major sports events for the school and is somewhat of a welcome to the students for the year.

Prom, on the other hand, is one of the last major events before graduation. Most schools only allow juniors and seniors to attend. This dance is more of a farewell to those who are nearing graduation.

Because it is generally a more relaxed dance, dresses for homecoming are also less formal. Prom is considered an opportunity for young adults to show their maturity in more elegant attire.


It is not uncommon to see girls wearing shorter dresses to homecoming. This includes cocktail dresses, knee-length skirts, and tea-length skirts that fall between the knee and ankle. For prom, most girls continue to wear full-length, long formal gowns. There are some short prom dresses that incorporate luxurious materials to fit the formal occasion, but there continues to be more hem length variety and freedom among dresses for homecoming.


Prom dresses tend to be made from expensive, elegant, and delicate fabrics. Even simple, minimalist dress designs can look very lavish when made from these high-end materials, such as silk, satin, and charmeuse.

Dresses for homecoming are sometimes made from these materials, but can also be made from materials that are not quite as delicate. These dresses can be more casual and even more playful. It is more acceptable to wear something such as a printed fabric or a short, layered skirt.


Accessorizing dresses for homecoming is also a different process than doing so for prom. The final touches for prom might include professionally styled hair, make-up, along with high heels and sophisticated jewellery. Prom is a time for gold, silver, and gemstones.

When getting ready for homecoming, this process can also be a bit more relaxed. The jewellery can be simpler and less extravagant, and flats are more acceptable at this even than they are at prom.

Explore All of Your Options

There are no set rules regarding dresses for homecoming or dresses for prom. While prom is often treated as a very formal affair, while homecoming as semi-formal, there are many elegant dresses that are appropriate for either. The key is to find dresses that look great with your body type and feel right for your tastes and personality. If you are in love with the dress, and you feel it fits the dress code, it is the dress you should choose.