Should You Choose a Lace Prom Dress?

19 Oct Should You Choose a Lace Prom Dress?

Lace is known as a material that makes dresses look softer, more delicate, and more feminine. They are also strongly affiliated with wedding dresses. If you are considering a lace prom dress, or thinking of shopping for one, you might be worried that the lace could make you look like a bride going to prom or otherwise not dressed appropriately for the dance.

In reality, lace prom dresses have recently become quite trendy. Talented prom dress designers can use lace to create unique optical illusions throughout the gown and can otherwise use this material to create dresses that are elegant and formal, while also pretty and youthful.

A Slender and Flattering Cut

Because lace is a textured fabric, a little can go a long way. Most lace dresses have simple, slim cuts. If a lace dress has many layers of fabric or a bulky silhouette, this can age the young woman who is trying to look fresh and fabulous at prom.

A lace dress that has a lot of volume in the shoulders or skirt can also more easily trend toward the bridal look as well. A slim-fitting lace dress showcases the natural lines and curves of the body and provides a more delicate and feminine look.

Not Always So Soft

Some prom dress designers pair lace with contrasting, harder fabrics to create a more unique prom dress design. Lace can be paired with opaque fabrics to combine soft and hard, which can lead to an edgier look. Leather and lace is perhaps the most well known example of this contrast, and this fabric combination can work effectively for prom when used in the appropriate dress designs and silhouettes.

Lace Overlays Allow for Design Creativity

Lace can be used to transform an ordinary prom dress into a work of art. Designers can create lace patterns and place them over nude-coloured mesh to make an intricate neckline that still provides plenty of coverage. This same technique is used to beautifully frame open backs on a prom dress. Lace is also used to decorate shoulders or panels along the dress. The end result is a very intriguing gown that could not be achieved without lace.

Explore Different Colors

If you are particularly worried about your lace prom dress looking to bridal, one of the easiest ways to avoid this problem is to choose colors other than white. Black lace dresses can look quite sophisticated. Lace dresses in light pink can look ultra feminine, and lace dresses are also available in bold, dark or bright colors that can allow you to truly show off your personality.

Try a Lace Prom Dress

The best way to determine if you should choose a lace prom dress is to try one on yourself. When wearing lace, it is important to choose a dress that suits your body type well. A lace dress that suits your body type can look absolutely stunning. The key is to be open to options and try several different styles.