Features of Unique Prom Dresses

19 Oct Features of Unique Prom Dresses

Prom is a day to feel and look special. It is hard to do that if you feel that you are wearing a dress that blends in with a sea of similar prom dresses. When there are so many dresses that have similar colors, cuts, and materials, how can you really stand out in the crowd? The key is to try on unique prom dresses that are appropriate for formal functions while also being fashion forward.

Changing Up the Textures

At prom, you always see a lot of simple sheath and A-line style dresses made from one type of material throughout, possibly with simple embellishments along the bodice. By looking for prom dresses that use more than one type of material and feature varying textures, you can have a more creative and memorable look on this special night.

For example, a unique prom dress can mimic the look of separates with a bodice and skirt that are made from different materials. The bodice might be a more form-fitting, firm material, while the skirt is softer and possibly layered.

Creative and Original Silhouettes

Your dress can be even more unique if it actually is made of separates. Two-piece prom dresses are a great example of fresh and creative dress designs. There are many other ways that designers are able to modify the common dress types. Designers might also exaggerate or simplify the lines of a design to achieve a unique and flattering look or take a common dress silhouette and make it asymmetrical to make the design more artistic and interesting.

A Splash of Color

Color choice can play a major role in the originality and uniqueness of a prom dress. While prom dresses are often available in a wide range of colors, one way to stand out from the pack is to choose a dress that incorporates multiple colors.

It is quite common for a prom dress to be a uniform color, perhaps with a contrasting color around the waist or at the color. One way to be different is to choose a dress that boldly contrasts colors, perhaps with a separate color for the top and bottom. There are also dresses available that gradually transition from one color to another.

A Touch of Sexy Style

If you’d really like to turn heads and grab attention at prom, one option is to go with a sexier prom dress. There are tasteful and fun dresses that also allow young women to be a little daring as well. This includes dresses with completely open backs, intricate necklines, crop tops, and other creative and well-tailored elements that show off the female figure.

Shop with Leading Designers

It can be difficult to impossible to try to find a wide selection of unique prom dresses at department stores. For more luck, shop with specialty boutique stores that sell prom dresses by fashion-forward designers, such as Angela & Alison. As you start shopping, do not be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and try on something you would not typically wear. You might discover the perfect unique dress.