What Are Capped Sleeve Dresses and Who Can Wear Them?

14 Feb What Are Capped Sleeve Dresses and Who Can Wear Them?

Are you shopping for a formal dress for a special event? One of the most important features of any formal gown is the sleeve, or lack thereof. Not every girl can pull off the sleeveless look, and so they opt for the capped sleeve dresses instead. There is something nice and dainty about the capped sleeve, and as long as the dress is right for your body type, it will look elegant.

It’s a good style for any time of the year as well. It’s better than a long sleeved gown in warmer months and strapless gowns in cooler months.

Types of Capped Sleeve Dresses

Wherever the sleeve ends on your arm will be a focal point. If you wear spaghetti straps, people will notice your shoulders. If you wear a capped sleeve, people will notice your upper arm. Thus, some girls look better with horizontal capped sleeves and others look better with slanted cap styles.

Thickness plays a role in cap sleeve styles as well. They can be either flat or puffed. The flat style covers the top of the shoulder and has no fabric under the arms. When fabric is gathered, the cap becomes puffy. It’s your personal preference which style you prefer. However, capped sleeve styles aren’t for everyone. Girls with heavy arms or wide shoulders should consider a sleeveless style in order to focus attention on the contours of the shoulders.

Also, note that cap sleeves tend to work best for hourglass figures and pair shapes.

Necklines with Capped Sleeves

The sleeves are only one part of a dress. You should consider what kind of top you want to go with. Capped sleeves can be found with just about any formal dress top, especially scoop or boat neck styles. If you would prefer another style, capped sleeves may come with other necklines as well, including sweetheart, turtlenecks, cut-out neckline, keyhole, square, etc.

If you have a short or wide neck, opt for lower necklines with your capped sleeves. If you have a slender, elongated neck, wear a dress with a higher neckline adorned with ruffles. It’s also a good idea to go with a high neckline if you have a small bust, unless you can add a bit of layer to a lower style, such as a sweetheart neckline.

Other Features

Capped sleeves can be simple or fancy. Some of them are completely covered in glistening beads and add a touch of sparkle to an elegant dress. Some are made of lace or a see-through material that covers the entire shoulder area and neckline. There are just so many pretty, creative styles that you might be overwhelmed with the choices!

The colour of the capped sleeves may or may not match the rest of the dress. You might find white lace sleeves attached to a pretty pastel trumpet-style dress, or simple black sleeves attached to a white empire dress.

Shopping Tips

When measuring for your formal gown, don’t forget to measure your shoulder width, arm length, and neck circumference. You need to know the exact measurements so that your capped sleeves will fit you perfectly. If the dress does not have a sewn-in bra, leave a bit of extra room for one when taking shoulder, neck, and bust measurements.

If you are interested in capped sleeve dresses, start looking at pictures right now for an idea of what is available.