Wearing White Homecoming Dresses Without Looking Like a Bride

19 Oct Wearing White Homecoming Dresses Without Looking Like a Bride

A white dress looks absolutely stunning, especially when contrasted with darker skin tones. It provides a very pristine, vibrant, and elegant look. However, white dresses are also associated with brides, and girls do not want to wear white homecoming dresses that are going to be compared to bridal wear.

So, how can you wear a white dress to homecoming without coming under scrutiny that you look like a bride about to walk down the aisle? There are a many different ways that you can where white without worrying.

Choose a Short Skirt

Because homecoming dances are often considered less formal than prom, it is much more acceptable and common to see shorter dresses. Long white gowns are more likely to look like wedding dresses, while a short white skirt simply makes you look like you are ready for a fun night.

Tone Down the Volume

Wedding dresses are designed to draw attention to the bride. Therefore, their lines are often more dramatic and greatly emphasize the curves of the body. While there are bridal gowns that have a sheath design, many have well-defined waists with a lot of volume at the bust and hips with a long, voluminous skirt.

White homecoming dresses that mimic this general shape are more likely to look out of place at the dance. Your homecoming dress can still be beautiful without having exaggerated curves or a dramatic, long skirt. A simple, well-tailored dress made from luxurious fabric can go a long way in this situation.

Avoid Stereotypical Designs

Just as a dresses with a lot of volume are associated with weddings, there are also certain silhouettes and designs that can make people think bridal. For example, A-line dresses with heart-shaped bodices are very likely going to make people thing you are preparing for a wedding.

Shop for white homecoming dresses from designers, such as Angela & Alison, who are creative with their dress designs. You might find a unique white cocktail dress or a dress with an asymmetrical silhouette that can give you the image that you are after.

Accessorize with Color

One great aspect of white dresses is that they can be accessorized using nearly any color. You can distance yourself from having a bridal-like style by pairing your white homecoming dress with bold-coloured accessories. From your shoes to your jewellery to hair accessories, you can make your look even more original by giving your ensemble an accent color.

Try Your Dress and Take Pictures

Trying on homecoming dresses is always an important part of the process, and is especially important if you are on the fence about whether or not the dress is going to look appropriate for the occasion. You cannot truly know until you see it for yourself.

Leave yourself plenty of time to try multiple dresses. This gives you the chance to see which designs look best with your body type. If the dress shop allows, take photos of yourself wearing the dress. This will not only allow you to gauge how the dress will look in your homecoming photos, but you can get a better idea of whether or not your dress looks like a wedding dress.

During this stage, you can also get the thoughts and opinions of your friends. Remember, however, that your opinion is the most important. Do not feel pressured to choose a dress just because everyone else likes it. Go with the homecoming dress that feels right to you.